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“Questions need answers! Get all your ADHD related questions answered so you can get into action and get the things you want for yourself, your child, your family.”




Welcome to the “ASK the Coach” Page!


I am glad you are here because I know you …

Have questions about ADHD???

What is it? What are the signs (symptoms)? How to live with it successfully?

How to help your child? What steps you can take now to make a difference

in your life and start navigating life successfully? Where to get treatment?

What are the treatment options? How can you get help at school for your child?

What can you do to make home life more peaceful? How to have success at

home…at work… at school??

I get it…

I had these questions too! Now I have answers and I can share them with you,

point you in the right direction, and help you figure out the next steps to

take to get the positive results you are seeking!

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Look below for a small example of some of the questions I have answered for people. These questions are best answered in a “quick chat” with me where I can find out the exact clarity you are seeking and provide you with the most beneficial answers to your inquires.



Questions about Home Challenges



Entypo_2713(0)_32 How can I manage meltdowns? Relationships?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 How can I manage electronic (computer, video games etc) time?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 How can I get my voice heard? Be understood?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 Organization?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 Productivity (chores, homework etc)?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 Time Management?

Entypo_2713(0)_32Anxiety challenges/box]




Questions about School



Entypo_2713(0)_32How can I get my child help at school?

Entypo_2713(0)_32What help is available at all levels of Education? (Grade School, High School, College)

Entypo_2713(0)_32 What is an I.E.P?

Entypo_2713(0)_32How can I advocate for my child successfully?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 What are my child’s education rights?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 what are the most supportive classroom accommodations that will assist my child ?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 I am a teacher how can I best support a child with ADHD in the classroom?




Questions about ADHD



Entypo_2713(0)_32 What is ADHD?


What are the symptoms?

Entypo_2713(0)_32What is the difference between ADHD and ADD?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 I think I have ADHD or my child does and I am looking for information about how is it diagnosed?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 My child or I just got diagnosed with ADHD and I am not sure where to get support?

Entypo_2713(0)_32 What are the treatment options available?

Entypo_2713(0)_32  What are my options for where to go for assessments?




Support in the Community Questions





Entypo_2713(0)_32Are there any programs for Children with ADHD available?

Entypo_2713(0)_32Are there any support groups for Parents, Adults and/or children?

Entypo_2713(0)_32Are there any Doctors specializing in ADHD?

Entypo_2713(0)_32Are there any camps that support children with ADHD?


Don’t wait another minute… Book a call with Donna GET Clarity, GET Ideas, GET resources, GET your *questions answered so you can GET A Happy Thriving Family!


*The information I will be sharing with you is not intended to make a diagnosis or to take the place of talking to your health care provider. It is intended to provide you the most up to date and as accurate as possible information about ADHD and navigating life with it. I encourage you to take the information I share and investigate further for yourself.
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