April 15 at 11:58am ·Does it make a difference to our children’s mental well-being and personal success to be honest with them about their ADHD diagnosis? What about the medications they are taking? Is it important to tell them what it is they are really taking and why?
Answer these questions to see if being honest with them really does matter to them and you:
1. Do you like having accurate information about your health or would you prefer to be in the dark wondering what is going on?
2. If you were diagnosed with a lifelong condition would you want to know everything about it and how to live with it successfully?
3. Would you be okay with going through life not understanding yourself?
4. Would you be okay with thinking and knowing you are different but don’t understand why?
5. Would you like to be kept in the dark about a health diagnosis because of stigma?
6. Would you like to be kept in the dark at all about something you have been diagnosed with for any reason?
7. If your child was diagnosed with a physical medical condition (heart, lungs, kidney etc) would you tell them about it and help them understand what it means for them?
8. Would you like the choice to decide to learn about your diagnosis be yours or someone else’s?
9. Are you making the right choice for your child/children by keeping them in the dark about a condition that THEY have been diagnosed with?
10. Do They have a right to know how their brain operates?
11. Would you like someone you trust to explain to you all about how your brain operates and help you find solutions and strategies to work with your unique learning style?
12. Do you believe people have a right to learn about medications they are taking?
13. Do you like knowing why you are taking pills and what the pills are for?
14. Would you be okay with someone lying to you about the pills you are taking?
15. Do you take any medication or vitamins not knowing what they are? Do you think the pills you are taking is candy or not know what they are or why you are taking them?
16. Do you value truth and honesty?
17. Do you want your children to value truth and honesty?
I believe it greatly impacts our children in a positive way when we give them all the facts about themselves and then we guide and teach them how to live a flourishing life with the truth!
Children that live in the dark about their diagnosis are not given the opportunity to Know about themselves and then learn throughout their childhood how to problem-solve and make ADHD-friendly choices for themselves that would in turn have a huge positive impact on their mental well-being and lifelong success!
What do you think? Is it important for your children to know the truth??
“When we help our children IDENTIFY, ACKNOWLEDGE and EMBRACE their unique way of learning they look to find solutions that EMPOWERS them to achieve SUCCESS personally, academically and socially!”
~Donna Hunter
Your Friendly Parent ADHD Coach


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